The Best Hatchback Cars

The best hatchback cars are fun to drive, affordable, practical and frugal. They are also often seen in motorsports.


From small city cars such as the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 to family hatches like the Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Focus, there are hatchbacks to suit all tastes. They are usually distinguished by a separate door that incorporates the rear window.


The subcompact hatchback is one of the most affordable car types on the market. In addition to being a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers, they’re also easy to maneuver and fuel efficient. Some models even have a sporty feel that makes them fun to drive.

While hatchbacks have an advantage over sedans when it comes to cargo space, they’re not always the best choice for those who need to carry a lot of equipment or gear. The rear door in a hatchback opens upwards and hinges at roof level, which can limit what you can carry and make it harder to secure items that are not in a box. 방문운전연수

Most modern hatchbacks use a two-box body style that includes both the cargo area and passenger compartment in a single volume. This allows for a larger cargo capacity than sedans, and the rear seats can often be folded down for more room. Some models also feature a rigid parcel shelf or flexible roll-up tonneau cover for additional storage.

Some subcompact hatchbacks have a sporty feel that make them fun to drive, including the Chevrolet Spark, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio, and Mitsubishi Mirage. These vehicles have small engines and lightweight frames that help them deliver impressive fuel economy ratings, up to 40 mpg in some cases.


Whether you’re packing for a family vacation to the Muskokas or just need to haul a few extra bags for a shopping trip, hatchbacks have a lot of cargo space when you fold down the rear seats. They’re also typically shorter than sedans bumper-to-bumper, making them easier to park and maneuver in tight spaces. 방문운전연수

Hatchbacks aren’t as versatile as crossovers and SUVs, but they’re much more convenient and affordable than sedans for those who need a car that can do it all. Plus, the roofline of a hatchback gives it a sleeker look than most sedans.

The word “hatchback” can get confused with the term liftgate, which is often used to describe vehicles that don’t have a traditional trunk lid, but instead open from the top of the vehicle. In fact, some cars with a liftgate include station wagons and some hatchbacks that have been marketed as coupes or sedans, like the Kia Stinger and Volkswagen Arteon.

The term hatchback is most often associated with small, sporty vehicles, such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Honda Civic Type R. However, the hatchback style is becoming more common in premium vehicles as well, with manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW offering a hatchback version of their 1 Series and A-Class models. This is because hatchbacks allow drivers to have the performance they crave without sacrificing the practicality and convenience of a sedan.


The modern car market is full of vehicles that offer great value, making it a great time to buy a cheap hatchback. You’ll find everything from compact models like the Peugeot 208 and Vauxhall Corsa, through to family cars such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf. There are also performance hatchbacks, such as the Audi A5 Sportback and Toyota GR Yaris, that give you all the nimbleness of a hatch with all the luxury and comfort of a sedan.

The line between hatchbacks and sedans is increasingly blurring as automakers try to appeal to buyers who are interested in the storage space of a hatch but don’t want the boxy look of a sedan. These new hatchbacks sometimes have a trunk that flows into the rest of the interior, rather than being a separate structure. You’ll even find hatchbacks that are designed to look more like four-door sedans, such as the Mercedes AMG GT53 and Kia Stinger.

A hatchback’s advantage over a sedan is that it is easier to load cargo into the rear of the vehicle, thanks to the large trunk opening and foldable seats. This makes a hatchback an ideal choice for families who need a versatile vehicle that is also easy to run and fuel efficient. It’s worth noting that hatchbacks have less power than SUVs, which may limit them for towing and off-road driving.

Fun to Drive

Hatchbacks can be an absolute thrill to drive, particularly the smaller models like the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1. They’re perfect for getting around town and are usually good on fuel too. However, you can find hatchbacks with a lot more to offer, from practical family cars like the Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Fiesta to the sporty hot hatches that are designed to thrill.

The difference between a hatchback and a sedan is that a sedan has a roof-height hinged cargo area opening, whereas the rear of a hatchback opens at a more level angle. This enables you to easily access the cabin and cargo space without needing to lower your seat.

This means that hatchbacks can offer much more interior storage and legroom than sedans, making them ideal for families. The VW Golf, for example, has a whopping 380 litres of boot space, which can comfortably accommodate four people and all their luggage.

Aside from being fun to drive, many of the hatchbacks we sell are equipped with advanced safety features that can help keep you and your passengers safe. These include pre-collision braking, which is designed to detect pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists before an accident occurs, and automatic emergency braking, which will brake the car for you if it senses you’re in danger of hitting something or someone.